Thank you for wanting additional information about our Day of Action

A National Day of Action Against Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is a major issue in the US and around the world.  Between 2001-2012,  11,766 women were murdered by their current or ex-partners in the United States, and 1 in 3 women in most states are victims of intimate partner violence.  The Power Over Model of relationships, continues to be accepted as a norm and that must be changed! That is why we are asking you to join us in a National Day of Action.

As October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, on October 5, 2019 a National Day of Action is happening across the country. Communities are asked to create events around the issue of domestic violence and the effects it has on women, their children, and their families.  

We are asking that a staged “Die In” be part of the event.  Watch our short Demonstration Video to see an example of a "Die-In."  Additional information is also available from our Tool Kit page.

Central to our National Day of Action is raising public awareness of the extent and horror of Domestic Violence in in the US.  Every minute, 20 women become victims of Domestic Violence and each year thousands are killed. We must not only remember victims, but also raise our voices in support for better legislation, enhanced gun control and fiscal resources to end this domestic terrorism.  

We ask that you film your event, especially the “Die In,” and short excerpts of other accompanying activities such as art exhibits, dance, storytelling, or music. These films will be collected by Healing Voices – Personal Stories, a non-profit film company which makes award-winning documentaries to raise awareness of domestic violence. We will then edit the footage into a documentary, adding still photos, voice-overs, and informational text.  Healing Voices – Personal Stories will then seek out wide channels of distribution for the documentary to further drive home the point that something must be done to stop this continuous war on women!