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Instructions for Filming

Lynne Wimmer, the film editor for Day of Action Against Domestic Violence recommends the following:


Please use an HD video camera or an iPhone 7 or above

Preferred resolution (frame size) – 1920 x 1080

If you have a choice of settings choose the best quality setting

If your camera gives you a choice of frame rate (timebase) please use 29.97 or 30 or 60i. DO not use 24p.

It is super if you are able to have 2 cameras. One for close ups and one for wide shots

Use a tripod unless you have a person who is able to shoot with a very steady hand. We cannot use “shaky” footage.

We prefer .MOV format which is a Quicktime format. If not .MOV use .MP4


USE IT HORIZONTALLY. DO NOT FILM VERTICALLY – we can’t use that footage.

No single iPhone clip should be longer than 20 minutes. You can stop and start.

Do not zoom in and out of action.


A steady camera is critical to good footage. If you choose to PAN (moving a camera from side to side) move the camera very SLOWLY. Moving at normal speed is too fast.

Take close up shots (i.e. hands, feet, mid torso etc.) and wide shots – stay at least 1 minute on the close-up and 1 minute on the wide shot.

In a wide shot, bodies should take up two thirds of the frame when possible.

Make your choices wisely. Don’t try to capture the entire scene in one frame. The figures become too small.

Some options for filming are: film from very low, lying on the ground or if possible overhead, standing on a chair adds interesting angles to straight shots.

Capturing participants moving directly towards the camera is also exciting.

Finally – Take some shots of the audience and the environment.

Most of all – HAVE FUN!!


IT IS VERY USEFUL to have still photography! We strongly encourage you to send us 20 of your best stills.

Photograph your key moments.

Make sure to let us know where you are. The name of your city… the name of the facility where you are having the event as long as the facility is OK with that. (It is a good idea to get them to sign a location release. A sample location release is part of this section.)


EDITING (Choose raw clips to send in the .mov or .mp4 files)
Send in up to 6 minutes of your favorite footage in several different files. Recommend limiting to 2 GB total file size for each file.

The material does not have to be sequential. You can have

One minute from the beginning of the event

A series of close ups from the middle of the event

A minute of the finale

Make sure you include your Die-In as part of what you send it.

In putting these clips together please do not put edit transitions in between clips. Such as:

Cross dissolves.

Fade in and fade out dissolves

Dithering dissolves etc.

When you make the cut, allow about 5 seconds for Black “handles” at the beginning and end of the chosen clips. This allows Lynne to edit them into the entire film without losing the beginning or ending of good material.

Remember that your video will be woven into a large design, weaving together clips from many different events to make the final film.

Make sure you export a 1920 x 1080 at 29.97 or 30 frames per second.

Please send to via WeTransfer, Dropbox or Google Drive.

IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS you may email Lynne at