Mourning Loss/Celebrating Survival

Saturday, October 5th, 2:00 PM

St Mark's Church in-the-Bowery

Performers include:

Ivanka Figueroa, dancer/choreography by Gabriela Estrada
Joy Kelly, actor/storyteller

Regina Ress, storyteller

Sonali Skandan, dancer/choreographer

Jeannine Otis, musician
Vissi Dance Theater

We offer this program to raise awareness of the scourge of domestic violence in the US. Our event includes a Die-In as a visual demonstration of the shocking number of women's deaths due to domestic violence.

This National Day of Action Against Domestic Violence is organized by  Healing Voices-Personal Stories, a non-profit film company creating films that offer the stories of survivors who have escaped the prison of domestic violence and have created new lives for themselves.

Healing Voices - Personal Stories films are on-line and are free.

More information:

About the Perfomers


Ni Una Carmen Más! Not a Single Carmen More!

Carmen is also one of the most

represented cases of domestic violence in

theatrical arts.

Ni Una Carmen Más! / Not a Single Carmen More!

calls for awareness, support, and action to

stop the perpetuation of the latent threat of

domestic violence.

The piece is choreographed by Gabriela Estrada

Performed by Ivanka Figugeroa

Photograph by Alexandra Vainshtein


Regina Ress

Regina Ress, storyteller and Healing Voices-Personal Stories Board-member, brings an old tale from the Brother’s Grimm that could have been written today. It is a perfect metaphor for the entrapment experienced by domestic violence victims, with the loss of freedom and all sense of self. There are, indeed,  “trolls” waiting to entrap us and use us for their purposes.  The “princess” must make the decision to leave and find her way out of the troll’s cave. Come hear the story to find out how she does it.


Sonali Skandan

The White Horse

Performed by Sonali Skandan

Conceived and Choreographed by Maya Kulkarni and Sonali Skandan

An excerpt from The Four Horsemen, The White Horse tells the tale of a women shacked to a life as a courtesan, her life bereft of the joy that her dance once brought to her.  She dreams to be free…