Music for Your Die-In

We have permission from the two composers whose music we use in our Demo Video that you may also use it in your "Die-In" on October 5th.  A big thank you to:

                                              Daniel Carlton for “The Things We Can’t Escape”

You can buy it through this link for 99 cents or email me and I can send you the file.  Select Number 10.

                                              Marsie Silvestro for “Say It! Say It Sister!”   

You can watch it on Youtube with this link. Email me to send you the file.

About the Composers

Daniel Carlton music company is known as Finger Chili Productions and based in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  When Daniel isn’t working on music, chances are high that you’ll find him enjoying the local cuisine, trout fishing or watching bad horror films on Netflix.  Daniel regularly performs at Meow Wolf in Santa Fe, plays with WHAT!, Dovetail Orchestra and is the founding member of  Shatner Powerslide, Santa Fe’s premier music irritant. (Shatner Powerslide is currently on hold.)  He has received the following Awards:

*Award of Excellence, 2018 Southern Shorts Awards for “A Bitter Reckoning”

*Best New Age Song, 2017 New Mexico Music Awards for “The Things We Can’t Escape”

*Nomination for Best Religious Song, 2017 New Mexico Music Awards for “The Broken Made New”

*Award of Distinction, 2016 Southern Shorts Awards for “Uncle Max”

*Award of Merit, 2016 Southern Shorts Awards for “The Backroom”

*Best Score, 2015 Albuquerque 48Hr Film Project for “Bunker Punks”

Marsie Silvestro is an internationally known author, composer, artist, motivational speaker, counselor, spiritual director and consultant. Her music, art and writings reflect her many years of working with women and girls in the area of personal transformation, empowerment, politics and spirituality.  She is recognized locally and nationally for her leadership positions in non-profit, business and politics. Marsie has received numerous state and national awards for her domestic violence, trauma informed and social justice work. For over 10 years, Marsie served as Campus Chaplain at both the University of Detroit, a Jesuit University, and Manhattan College, a Christian Brother’s College in NYC, where she spearheaded the creation of Campus Ministry Centers on both these campuses. Marsie also served as the National Director of the Women’s Ordination Conference and a Production Manager in the first woman-owned printing company in the nation. Her career includes tenure as the Executive Director of Domestic Violence agencies such as Gloucester Prevention Services in Gloucester, Massachusetts , A Safe Place in Portsmouth, NH and at Esperanza Shelter for Battered Families in Santa Fe, NM .

Please contact us if  you are interested in using either piece of music.