Day of Action Against Domestic Violence

About the Day

We are encouraging women and men who support them to come together on October 5th and plan a special event in their community to take action against domestic violence.  As part of that event we ask for a "Die In" of two minutes of silence with as many women who are capable to lie on the ground.

Between 2001 - 2012, 6,488 US troops were killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Such deaths are tragic but these brave soldiers chose to defend their country and will be honored for their sacrifice.  During the same period on American soil, 11,766 women were murdered by their current or ex-partners. Why? We will never know. But we can do something about such senseless deaths. We can bear witness and seek to end violence against women.

To kick off National Domestic Awareness Month in 2019, a National Day of Action is scheduled for October 5, 2019.  Communities can create events around the issue of Domestic Violence.  In the event will be a visual demonstration of the shocking number of women’s deaths due to domestic violence in the United States.

We are asking for a staged "Die In."  Participants that are able will fall to the ground and assume a posture reflecting death. Those that cannot lie on the ground may form a protective circle around them.  Silence will then be observed  for two minutes. At the end of two minutes, one woman will help the person closest to her to her feet and embrace her as a fellow survivor. Then these women will help others up until everyone is again alive, symbolizing survival from domestic violence. The event will conclude with everyone on their feet demanding recognition of the pervasiveness of domestic violence in our society. 

This event is about increasing public awareness of domestic violence and taking action to support and bring more legislation and resources to end this national scourge. 

Participating communities will be asked to film the event, especially the "Die-In." These films will be collected by Healing Voices – Personal Stories, a non-profit film company which makes award winning documentaries to raise awareness of domestic violence. Healing Voices-Personal Stories will edit the footage into a documentary, adding still photos, voice-overs, and informational text. Healing Voices – Personal Stories will then seek out wide channels of distribution for the documentary to further drive home the point that something must be done to stop the unseen war of domestic violence



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