Sample Script for the Die-In

This is just a suggestion.  You are welcome to use this or create your own.


While the Narrator is speaking, 4 people each holding a sign with the following 4 statistics on it may stand in the performance space. Examples of these signs are available in this tool kit

Today we are enacting a ceremonial Die-In to remember those women who have lost their lives to Domestic Violence. The statistics are staggering.

        Every 16 hours, a woman is killed by an intimate partner in the United States. 

        From 2014 to 2017, there has been a 19% increase in deaths due to domestic        violence.

        In 2017, the UN reported, that 50,000 women were murdered by an intimate partner around the world.

        11,700 Women were murdered in the US by intimate partners between 2001 – 2012 while at the same time 6,500 US Troops were killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

(Sign holders leave the performance space.)

Some women will enter the space and lie down on the ground as if dead.  Men and other women will form a protective circle (or semi-circle) around them. We ask that those witnessing the Die-In remain silent until the final celebration.

Women who will be lying down enter the performing space which may be a living room, community room, an outdoor space or a stage in a theatre and lie down on the ground. 

Once the women have taken the position on the floor/ground, men and other women who are participating make a protective circle or semi-circle around them. 

Optional music to use for this is “The Things We Can’t Escape” by Daniel Carlton. See Music under Tool Kit for instructions on how to download this.

Music fades and silence is observed for at least 1 minute but no more than 1:30 minutes.  

Narrator:  rings a chime (or something similar)

A designated woman slowly gets up with a sense of feeling empowered.

She helps a person close to her stand up and taking their time, they acknowledge each other.

They begin helping other women up, as do some of the individuals standing in the protective circle or semi-circle.  Each time a person finishes rising, they acknowledge their helper.

Once everyone is standing, begin the music “Say It! Say It Sister!” by Marsie Silverstro (see music in tool kit on how to download).  As the Die-In participants celebrate, those who have witnessed it may be encouraged to join the affirmation that all present will be taking action to stop the violence.

This may be the end or the Narrator may call for an action such as:

Today is a good opportunity to donate to …………

Please sign up to work on this…………………………