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Day of Action Against Domestic Violence set to remember victims and celebrate survivors on October 5

SANTA FE, NEW MEXICO [insert your location] – Healing Voices – Personal Stories is planning a national Day of Action Against Domestic Violence on October 5th. [insert information about your local event] In Santa Fe, the event will feature a theater piece, live music, The Clothes Line Project, and local speakers including Mayor Alan Webber. The Day of Action culminates with a Die-In—a symbolic performance by volunteers memorializing lives lost to domestic violence. 

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and this year action is more urgent than ever. [explain why domestic violence awareness is important in your community] The July 11th murder of singer Ernestine Romero in Santa Fe highlighted the tragic toll of domestic violence. Nationally, one in four women experience domestic violence in their lifetime; in New Mexico, the incidence is even higher, affecting one in three women. Native American women experience violence at much higher rates than other ethnic groups. Meanwhile, many undocumented women fear reporting their abuse to police due to the threat of ICE deportations, leaving at-risk populations even more vulnerable. And mass shootings are now an almost daily occurrence in the US, with violence against women as the common denominator among many mass shooters.

[feel free to include a quote from your local planning team, and information about how your event came together] “We must not only remember victims, but also raise our voices in support of better legislation, enhanced gun control, and fiscal resources to end this domestic terrorism,” says JoAnne Tucker, president of Healing Voices – Personal Stories. The organization produced a film demonstrating a Die-In to teach teams across the country how to stage their own events. The Die-In begins with a circle of allies surrounding a group of women representing domestic violence victims, who lie down in remembrance of the victims that have lost their lives. At the end of the performance, the women stand up and dance to celebrate survivors. 

The Day of Action Against Domestic Violence will be taking place at communities throughout the United States. Events are planned in New York City (Manhattan), Dallas, Omaha, Salt Lake City and Hays, Kansas. [insert the location, date, and time of your event] Santa Fe’s Event will be held at Warehouse 21 beginning at 1:00 PM on Saturday, October 5th, 2019. [insert your local partners] In addition to Healing Voices – Personal Stories, the planning committee includes representatives of Santa Fe Safe, Veterans for Peace, and Christus St. Vincent. Other participating organizations include Santa Fe National Organization for Women, Solace Crisis Treatment Center, Esperanza Shelter, the League of Women Voters, Indigenous Women Rising, and the New Mexico Coalition to End Gun Violence.


About Healing Voices – Personal Stories

Founded in 2010, Healing Voices – Personal Stories is a Santa Fe-based organization dedicated to raising public awareness about domestic violence and helping women to overcome abuse through the creation and distribution of documentary film and video.