Steps in starting a team

If you decide you want to form a team, here are some suggested steps to begin:

  • · Fill out our form to let people interested in participating know how to contact you. Once you have filled out the form we will contact you to verify the information and list you on our page “Teams Already Forming.” (Once you have several people on the team, with specific activities planned we will build a page for you on our website,)

  •  Find other team leaders.  We encourage bringing together people with different interests and backgrounds including domestic violence professional workers; survivors; visual artists; storytellers; theatre artists; social justice advocates; filmmakers and film students.

  • Have a meeting with team leaders and decide what kind of activities you want to do for the day besides the “Die-In” that we are calling for.

  • Begin spreading the word in your community about what your team is organizing.

We will provide:

  • Your information on our website and some social media coverage.

  • A Tool Kit on our website with  graphics. 

  • Examples of what different teams are planning

  • A video of a sample “Die-In”

  •  A script that you can use or adapt for the “Die-In” Section of the Day

  • Information of how best to film with suggestions for both a filmmaker or someone who will be using their cell phone.