Rachel Louise Synder

"This is more than an important issue, this is an urgent one.  We have allowed far too many victims for far too many years to die in silence.  Behind the number 50,000 in 2017 alone is a woman, a child a family.  The great Audre Lord wrote "our silence will not save us."   This event reminds us to speak up for ourselves and others!" 

Rachel Louise Snyder, Writer

No Visibile Bruises

Laura Simms

Laura Simms

"Domestic violence is horrific. We are barely aware of the extent of lifelong damage set in motion for everyone involved. I praise those setting aside a day to honor lives that have been shattered; to honor the possibility of repair when domestic violence is out of the shadows of secret and shame; and to give voice to the causes of abuse, hatred, ignorance, and cowardliness that lie at the root of so much of the violence in our world against the body, the heart and the earth.  Please join us and spread the word."  Laura Simms, internationally acclaimed storyteller, social justice advocate, and author


Julie Salomon

"As Ms. New Mexico Senior America, 2018 I have the opportunity to meet so many women, hear there experiences  and know how important it is to take action against domestic violence.  I am pleased to be participating and being a part of October 5th event"

Julie Salomon, musician, animal advocate, tennis coach and 

Ms. Senior New Mexico 


Lynette Montoya

"As a founding board member of Healing Voice - Personal Stories I truly support the Day of Action Against Domestic Violence which is long overdue.  The statistics do not reveal what an epidemic Domestic Violence is and this effort as it evolves will bring more awareness!"

Lynette Montoya, President and CEO, Latino Hotel Association