Tool Kit For Teams

Basic Suggestions to Get Started

On this page we will share very basic ideas on how to develop your Day of Action from doing a small invited event in your home to doing a diverse community event in a public place.  We will also make some suggestions of organizations/groups to partner with..

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Watch our Die-In Video

Watch our 2:45 minute video Die-In Demonstration Video made by a group of volunteers in our home community of Santa Fe by filmmaker 

Sharon Anne Henderson.


From a participant in the Die-In Video:

"I found it very educational and emotional. I gained not only knowledge but also wisdom."   George

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Sample Script for the Die-In

On this page is a sample script you can use or that gives you ideas about how to develop your own script.

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Music you can use for the Die-In

We have permission from Daniel Carlton and Marsie Silvestro, whose music we used in our Demo Video, for you to use it in your "Die-In" on October 5th.  Go to the page to learn more and how to use it.

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Poster to Publicize Your Event

Here are sample posters that you can use.  Just add your own information of time and place. To get a file to download email us at

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Signs to Use for Your Event

Click here and find signs that you can download for your event or which give you ideas on how to make your own signs to let people know about the statistics on deaths due to intimate partner violence.

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How to get Proclamations from your mayor and governor

We have included a sample proclamation which you can fill in to take to your mayor and governor.  We are also including suggestions of how to go about doing this.

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Legal Releases and Instructions for Filming

Our filmmaker, Lynne Wimmer, shares suggestions for filming your day of action and what to send her to be included in our documentary showing our national call to stop the deaths from an intimate partner.

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Publicity Ideas

This page includes a sample press release and other publicity ideas.

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Some Social Media Hints and Hash Tags Suggestions

Social media outlets like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are an excellent way to build momentum both in your community and nationally.  On this page we will give you some sample posts and hashtags to use. Remember, your event can have your own page on our website to link to.

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Ideas from the Teams

We are excited with the diverse ideas  being developed by different teams. On this page we will share some of the ideas and links to some of their pages to show what is being planned.

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Suggestions to find People to Participate in the Die-In

 On this page you will find suggestions of people and groups to invite to be part of the "Die-In" for the 

Day of Action Against 

Domestic Violence.

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