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About our Filmmaker for this video

Sharon Anne Henderson

Sharon Anne Henderson (DezBaa) is a Hispanic-Diné actor and filmmaker born and based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She holds a Bachelor's degree in geology from Amherst College and studied filmmaking at Northern New Mexico College where she filmed and edited a video short for the National Science Foundation. She is a Licensed Massage Therapist, an energy healer, and a Montessori-trained Early Childhood educator. She believes we are all born scientists and artists and who want to explore the world as well as create, and express the beauty from which we interpret it. Filmmaking and storytelling are just a couple of ways Sharon is fulfilling this purpose. 

As an empath who found herself in an emotionally and psychologically abusive relationship, Sharon has utilized filmmaking and storytelling after leaving  the relationship as a means to heal and provide a different way of life for herself and her young daughter. As an artist, she signs her work DezBaa, "She's Going on a Raid" in Diné Bizaad, a name that was given to her by a family friend and Diné elder. Sharon is currently pursuing her MFA in Screenwriting at the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, NM.